Top 5 reasons why you must upskill using Professional Courses

58% of employees need new skills to do their jobs successfully, as per a recent survey by Gartner. Moreover, according to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report., 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025 as the adoption of technology increases. It is quite evident that after the COVID-19 lockdown, job alerts have taken a hit, and upskilling and reskilling have become quite essential due to the sudden shift to online platforms. Now that online literacy and computer literacy have become indispensable, training and courses to add more value to employees seem like a much-needed solution to this problem. The issue is not centered on a particular place but is a global difficulty.

                        The World Economic Forum (WEF) also delineates the economic imperative of upskilling and urges companies to start an upskilling revolution otherwise, companies will fall behind their competitors in the future of work. For employees, it is a crucial time to completely immerse themselves in upskilling as it comes with future-proof opportunities and huge financial implications. It is predicted that upskilling needs would grow the economy by trillions of dollars. Therefore, with Flairdeck’s upskilling programs like Aspire Programs, you can also join the workforce of tomorrow! Read on to find out how can investing in our upskilling programs benefit you:

  1. Uncover New Areas of Interests

After years of experience in the same job, it might feel monotonous with similar tasks and responsibilities. Many individuals lose their initial interest, and work starts to feel irksome. Investing in new training and development courses can help you get acclimated to new subjects and areas which might spark interest in you. This might even be surprising for you to ignite a new passion for a different field or even a niche career interest to make your work exciting again.

  1. Secure Your Job

As the industries evolve each day, the challenges that you face in the industry also change their shape, and due to a lack of upskilling, many individuals are not able to meet the changing demands of their workplace. Many training opportunities will enrich your knowledge base, making you more adept at new demands in the industry. With the zeal for upskilling and improving yourself, you can secure your job and even outperform those who lack in the facet.

  1.  Instill more awareness and discipline

Learning a new skill is a significant part of growth and personal development. It is rightly said that learning never stops. By attending different training and development programs, you will excel in your niche and become more aware of the current trends. It also adds to the positive impact and discipline in your life. It reflects a person’s sincerity in faring well in future job placements too.

  1. Connect with New and Inspiring People

Many times, individuals believe that you achieve your dream job by leveraging your connections and not based on your knowledge. We say it is a mix of both, and upskilling can help you with both of these factors. A huge benefit of enrolling in upskilling courses is that you get to know more like-minded individuals. You can understand their journeys, and often this inspires people to progress further. In many cases, connections can also help you grow your career with job vacancies in their companies too.

  1. Future-proof yourself

The high-paced development of technology is resulting in massive changes in the needs and demands of various industries, which in turn has created a new set of job profiles. Some job profiles like social media managers did not even exist earlier. If you get too comfortable with your work and choose not to upskill, chances are your job profile also might get outdated at some point in time. The landscape of job vacancy will change, and individuals with traditional skills will be the first to be laid off. Be future-ready with our US IT recruitment training programs.

Upskilling Areas with great Earning potential

We have established that upskilling is an indispensable part of the career growth process, but the real question is, what areas give you high earning potential with better and more promising jobs? Two key areas that fall under its purview are Business Development and Recruitment or Talent Acquisition.

Business Development is a career trajectory that is relevant in almost every type of business, and it helps individuals to play well in coalface rather than just textbooks. It relies heavily on communication skills, leadership skills, negotiation skills, project management, and business intelligence. For candidates who wish to excel in business fields, having a solid upskilling program in this direction with the right expertise is highly recommended.

Another recommended field for upskilling is US Staffing. Do you know what all great recruiters have in common? Relationship-building skills, marketing skills, multitasking skills, body language skills, and IT skills. Not just this, they also have an advanced knowledge base revolving around concepts like attention to detail, lifecycle processes, job boards, tax terms, skill-based recruitment, employee benefits, and many more. For both of these areas with immense scope of success, Flairdeck’s programs fit right into the picture. In today’s world, where professional competition has become too humongous to keep up with, upskilling can help you take the lead. It is a proven way to transform your life for the better. It helps on both professional and personal levels. It also becomes emblematic of a person’s character never to become redundant and the strive to stay relevant in the job market. Be it employees or employers; upskilling should be a high priority for you if you dream of growing big. At Flairdeck, we offer you core upskilling courses like business development training and US staffing training with a combination of winning soft skills! Contact us today for more information.

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