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We Recruit The Right Person For Your Rapid Growth

Flairdeck is a top professional recruitment firm focusing on filling permanent, contract, and Contract to hire positions on behalf of the best global organizations. We are one of the best recruiting & staffing firms.

We handle the staffing needs of businesses of all sizes, including start-ups, large corporations, and sectors including IT, engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and FMCG. The fact that we can offer you, people with experience in the same industry, a connected industry sector, or a completely unrelated subject is a big benefit in this situation. We support pipeline development, networking, and marketing your company to qualified prospects.

Reasons To Partner With Flairdeck

We offer several unique characteristics that define us as one of the leading specialist recruitment consultancies:

Global reach

We recruit skilled personnel and provide better exposure to talent.

Great experience

We have years of experience as a specialist global recruiting agency.

Consistent service

We are organically grown and promote our services consistently from within.

Industry specialists

We work with specialised advisors who are experts in their fields.

Market leaders

The best job searchers are drawn to us because of our renowned brand.

Superior strategies

We use various innovative sourcing solutions to find you the best talent.

Step 1:

Examine the demands of the client.

Step 2:

Plan the essential steps to be taken and identify candidates with the same skills.

Step 3:

Find out what the candidate is interested in.

Step 4:

Candidates are screened via exams or interviews.

Step 5:

Report on candidates' backgrounds, qualifications, and weaknesses.

Step 6:

Personal encounters between the candidate and the client.

Step 7:

Review the last offer with the client after negotiations.

Step 8:

Reference checks, Job Offer, Placement.

Our Recruitment Process